Centre Based ECD

The Whole Centre Development Programme provides holistic support to community ECD centres. We help ECD practitioners to create optimal ECD environments, to deliver quality ECD programmes in clean, safe and well provisioned centres. While ECD centres remain the dominant form of early years education provision, there is a growing concern about the lack of improved quality in learning programme implementation at ECD sites.




A Western Cape study found that ECD centres in areas where children are most deprived have: 

  • poorer infrastructure
  • ineffective management and
  • lack of quality educational programmes 

​Therefore children most in need are not receiving the level of care and stimulation needed to offset the deprivation they experience at home and in their communities.




In our centre based ECD programme we work with stakeholders at a community and ECD centre level by undertaking projects that result in:

  • increased health care systems
  • stimulating educational activities
  • pre-Grade R support and Grade R readiness 
  • quality management structures, and
  • appropriate social, psychological and physical development of young children.




There remains programme ambiguity between centre based and community (out of centre) based ECD provision. The challenge is to ensure that both platforms are equally capacitated and supported to ensure that children who are not in centres receive the same dosage and quality of ECD programme packages. Additionally, centre and community based ECD must be seen as part and parcel of a comprehensive strategy of ECD provision. The current funding and policy environment around these two areas of provision is far too fragmented and delivery in both areas is compromised.







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