Community Based ECD

ELRU's community based Playgroup Programme was born out of the identified need to focus on the 2 to 5 years age group of children who still do not have access to formalised ECD programmes.  

The aim of the programme is to provide structured and quality play-based stimulation programmes to the 7 out of 10 children from poor and vulnerable communites whose parents may not be able to afford to send them to a formal ECD programme.




We seek to empower unemployed caregivers and mothers from the local communities to become the 'Hlumisa' of her block, street or neighbourhood. The Hlumisa is trained in delivery of a basic ECD programme to stimulate 6 children for a period of 3 hours, twice per week. The activities of the programme are aligned with the South African National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 0-4 years, and follows a typical playgroup structure aligned to the acclaimed HighScope approach.

We piloted a very successful Hulmisa programme in Langa this year which develops children aged 3-5 years and their caregivers with stimulating play-related acitivities within a playgroup setting.










Upcoming Events

09/08/2016 - 10:30 to 16:45
09/12/2016 - 10:00

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