We all count Teachers Guide

The aim of We All Count! Is to give a numeracy learning in the Foundation Phase a human rights slant and to break the artificial barrier between mathematics and real life. The activity set provides opportunities for reading, writing and discussion on a wide range of issues as well as crucial practice in ordering, counting, comparing, sorting, classifying and other number-based operations. Although the suggestions in this booklet emphasise numeracy, the poster and cards are well suited to the integration of lifeskill and literacy in the curriculum. The separate parts of We All Count! Can be used on their own or in a number of combinations with small or large groups of children for different types of activities for each age group include an increase in number range and level of difficulty. By simplifying certain of the activities, it could also be adapted for use with younger children. As many of the ideas build on one another, it is necessary for teachers and parents to read the suggestions for the lower levels and higher levels in order to fully understand instructions. Adapting ideas upwards and downwards to suit individual children or your particular group of children is important.

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